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Start DateCompetition TitleStatus
18-06-2020Premier League winter 20/20 (A Grade)Premier League winter 20/20 (A Grade)Active
17-06-20202nd div north winter 2020 (2nd Grade)2nd div north winter 2020 (2nd Grade)Active
17-06-20201st Div Winter (1st Grade)1st Div Winter (1st Grade)Active
17-06-20202nd Division South Winter (2nd Grade)2nd Division South Winter (2nd Grade)Active
16-06-20204th Div Winter 2020 (4th Grade)4th Div Winter 2020 (4th Grade)Active
15-06-20203rd Div North Winter 2020 (3rd Grade)3rd Div North Winter 2020 (3rd Grade)Active
15-06-20203rd Div South WInter 20 (3rd Grade)3rd Div South WInter 20 (3rd Grade)Active
11-02-2020Super League 2020 Winter (A Grade) (A Grade)Super League 2020 Winter (A Grade) (A Grade)Active
28-11-2019Premier League Summer 2019/2020 (A Grade)Premier League Summer 2019/2020 (A Grade)Active
27-11-20191st Div Summer 2019/20 (1 Grade)1st Div Summer 2019/20 (1 Grade)Active
27-11-20192nd Division North Summer 2019/2020 (2nd Grade)2nd Division North Summer 2019/2020 (2nd Grade)Active
27-11-2019Second Division South Summer 2019/20 (B Grade)Second Division South Summer 2019/20 (B Grade)Active
26-11-20194th Div Summer 2019\20 (4 Grade)4th Div Summer 2019\20 (4 Grade)Active
25-11-20193rd Div A South Summer 2019/20 (3 Grade)3rd Div A South Summer 2019/20 (3 Grade)Active
25-11-20193rd Div B South Summer 2019/20 (3 Grade)3rd Div B South Summer 2019/20 (3 Grade)Active
25-11-20193rd Div North Summer 2019/20 (3 Grade)3rd Div North Summer 2019/20 (3 Grade)Active
14-10-20193rd Division Champion of Champions (3 Grade)3rd Division Champion of Champions (3 Grade)Active
02-10-2019Champion of campions (2nd Grade)Champion of campions (2nd Grade)Active
05-09-2019Premier League Singles AA (A Grade)Premier League Singles AA (A Grade)Active
31-08-2019Black Ball SinglesBlack Ball SinglesActive
30-07-2019Champions League 2019 (A Grade)Champions League 2019 (A Grade)Active
03-05-20192nd Div Champion of Champions (2 Grade)2nd Div Champion of Champions (2 Grade)Active
17-04-20192nd Div North Winter (2 Grade)2nd Div North Winter (2 Grade)Active
17-04-20192nd Div South Winter (2 Grade)2nd Div South Winter (2 Grade)Active
17-04-20191st Div Winter (1 Grade)1st Div Winter (1 Grade)Active
15-04-20193rd Div South Winter (3 Grade)3rd Div South Winter (3 Grade)Active
15-04-20193rd Div North Winter (3 Grade)3rd Div North Winter (3 Grade)Active
07-03-2019Premier League 2019 (1 Grade)Premier League 2019 (1 Grade)Active
05-02-2019Super League 2019 Winter (a Grade)Super League 2019 Winter (a Grade)Active
05-09-2018Premier League SinglesPremier League SinglesActive
30-12-2017Zaks Custom Cue KnockoutZaks Custom Cue KnockoutActive
11-12-2017Summer 3rd Div South A (3 Grade)Summer 3rd Div South A (3 Grade)Active
11-12-2017Summer 3rd Div South B (3 Grade)Summer 3rd Div South B (3 Grade)Active
06-12-2017Summer 1st Div South (1 Grade)Summer 1st Div South (1 Grade)Active
06-12-2017Summer 2nd Div South (2 Grade)Summer 2nd Div South (2 Grade)Active
29-11-2017Summer 2nd Div North A (2 Grade)Summer 2nd Div North A (2 Grade)Active
29-11-2017Summer 2nd Div North B (2 Grade)Summer 2nd Div North B (2 Grade)Active
30-11-20161st Div North1st Div NorthActive
30-11-20161st Div South1st Div SouthActive